Raven 44mm Deep Diver’s Watch Review

First, a small story, the last day of drying a single day, the piece of gold Di all the protective film are torn off after the evening table into the cabinet above the drawer. The family has a 3-year-old baby, this age of the baby special naughty, had to prevent ah. Cabinet is much higher than the baby, think should be safe. I play ipad, the baby himself in my side to play his toys, very peaceful scene it. After about 20 minutes, I heard the baby said to me: "Dad, see ah!" I lazily turned to see the baby one, his hands give a thing, directed at me smiling. And then absent-minded replied, "Well, play." Continue to see ipad. Although I am carrying ipad, but a bit puzzled, said just like to see a golden heart, did not remember to buy him a golden toy ah, what can it be? What can it be? Is ... ... and then turned around and saw the child holding my watch in the group into a ball with children in the rub with his toys to go, play is called a happy ah. The baby has a bad habit, if he has something in rolex replica his hands do not want to give you the case, to hard snatch, it will fall to the ground, or directly throw very far. Relax the mood, with the child to put on a pleasing face asked him: "Baby, you play what ah, to the father to see good?" Baby A: "small triangle. Get a look at hand, too, 99 into a new direct 8 into a new. Dial better, scarred above the strap, full of scratches. Asked how to get the baby, the baby gave me a demo again, stepping on his horse toy deer, opened the drawer, get the watch. Action at one go, I was never expected ah, this is called hard to prevent it, ha ha. First so with it, anyway, are planning to choke, do not care. One day passing labor, would like to go polished look, remove the surface scratches is a very simple matter. In the window to the table when the watch strap scratches, think of the baby was smiling, suddenly do not want to replica watches polish off, keep it, these scratches record my life ah. In this way, did not polished, left the labor. Why into a piece of platinum Di? Work reasons, and sometimes with a number of old experts to meet and found their eyes to the children of my old piece of gold Di cast a glance, although no one said anything, thought back, gold is some garish, in this case is not suitable , For a block of children intimate point of the table. Familiar with my friends know that I like to buy some of the same items do not mind the same, this time with a platinum Di good. Rolex (ROLEX) watch cosmometer Daytona series of multi-functional chronograph male watch 116506-78596 ice blue plate Rolex (ROLEX) watch cosmometer type Daytona series of multi-functional chronograph male watch 116506-785 ... ¥ 439999 Jingdong ROLEX Rolex 116506 ice blue Daytona watch drying Out of the box, the same green box years. Taking advantage of fresh vigor shot in a circle, while the original protective film will have to tear up. Torn off the film are here. All kinds of documents. Is a new version of Paul card, starting from July 2015 for the. Reveal the true capacity. Although a few photos of the same angle, but I think all pretty good, it is difficult to choose, simply put on come. Chestnut brown ceramic outer ring, usually see is close to the black. # # ROLEX Rolex 116506 first ice into the ice blue Daytona Ice blue dial features close-up. Clasp. Various certification mark. In the store specifically asked the clerk: "This table wearing is not to see with the strip?" Sister replied: "We sell a professional can see it, but the general public can not tell." Ah, Want is this effect. Comparison of Platinum Watch Strap and Ordinary Strip. Daytona series of movements are the same, the sun has been introduced last year, a single, this time to skip it. Quote official website brief introduction: To create the Daytona platinum watch, in 2013, cosmopolitan Daytona watch since the birth of 50 years, still in the movement chronograph watch an important seat, and continue to evolve. Watch is a professional series of the first platinum Oyster-style watch, in particular the use of ice blue dial match rare metal Extreme - Platinum, this dial color is only a Rolex platinum watch unique. The watch is equipped with the Cerachrom word circle for Rolex exclusive innovation, durable and exquisite. Ice blue dial in the rolex replica exclusive platinum series, the other material of the watch is not the color of the dial. Summer, a touch of ice blue wrist, the kind of small fresh feeling is good. ROLEX Rolex 116506 Ice Blue Daytona watch to wear feel Thanks to the editor to give me the value of words, just received today, friendship appearance. The use of feelings is a word, Shen! In contrast, with a very easy gold Di, the water ghosts as if nothing like the light, it seems to have to adapt to a few days. Just have a small name at hand, come up with three children, said the common labor about the weight, the impression was asked before the weight of the thing, are full-length strap. The recent depreciation of the RMB bad, there is a demand for friends to start as soon as possible. Finally recommend a song to listen to everyone, encourage it. Tourbillon Singing: Eason Chan Last eighteen years old did not wear a watch but there is time Enough for me after I did not wild fun Twenty-seven-year-old Shawan no multi-time lazy Wang Yongzheng not the struggle is not too late And then suddenly look around this autumn should have everything My wine sports car gold watch also pay attention to Until all the world is still not very rich jealous I have not used in fact have been exhausted Had to pay much heartbeat in exchange for a pile of invoices People worth hitting a few seconds to buy a table to reduce Why to do to know what is important Labor is endless, no matter how much good things do not need to rely on evidence Nor to high-paying high-level vocational products respect respected Even if the stroke to the status of the count and Chopin's timeless Sold the wayward spell fight to forget why the happy night Had to pay much heartbeat in exchange for a pile of invoices People worth hitting a few seconds to buy a table to reduce Why to do to know what is important Remember the lesson about time Back days have been dark You gave ten inches and minutes May have to change to ten-inch gold How many heartbeat left face with crystal surface control Even their own analysis can not get more and less Maybe it 's crazy to see how ridiculous that reflection is Soul if the chain did not sell heart Silver or gold are not critical who made the same movement Plan to do as has been the time to get too little How many heartbeat still lower than the number of still Expensive is the moment I realized In the time to see through a lifetime transitory transitory man